It is extremely difficult for a marketer to justify (at the board meeting) expenditure, that is not necessary or such that generate additional cash flow. Technology spending is indispensable these days, as it leads to trimming the costs and increased efficiency. Thanks to it, they are pure „no brainer”. Why is it, that companies invest in technologies supporting customer service, sales, IT, accounting, procurement, HR; one may say in everything but …. marketing? There are two reasons: poor knowledge on such solutions and perception of long term returns on such investments (if there is any return on marketing spending in a CFO’s perception). Additionally, the said perception of marketing as a cost center, instead of a profit center makes the September budget reviews hit marketing hardest.

Is the marketing manager an underdog then? Not necessarily. Intelligent (effective) marketers defend themselves in an intelligent (effective) way. Marketing management (assets, processes, campaigns, etc) systems have been there in the market for a several years. It’s been long enough, to prove all the objectives set before any and every implementation. The experience global firms may share, proves that if a software is used as it was designed the investment may pay back after 1 year from the deployment. Pretty good, huh? Good enough for Effiana to set and realize the following goal: a marketing management system that will pay off within 3 months, from the deployment. And there’s only one way to do that: the financial benefits brought forth, needs to be 4x higher than the costs of deployment. Here’s a couple of examples (based on Effiana’s experience and other case studies from our competitors), how marketing, and the whole company as a result, may reduce operational costs deploying a marketing management system.


Effiana helps companies increase ROMI by 15% to 25% through focusing on more effective campaigns. Even higher return is possible through better allocation of marketing budget.

The budget is allocated only in those activities and campaigns, which are prone to achieve the

highest efficiency indices.

Such allocation is possible and can bring much better results, since the system itself delivers complex, integrated and legible reports on campaign results. A manager gets access to knowledge, which enables him/her to plan every following campaign based on the best practice i.e top performing creations held in the system.

What it brings to the marketing dept:



Boost in the Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI) through concentration on the most effective campaigns


The Effiana platform – through centralized project management – helps marketers streamline the process of creation, approvals and distribution of the content, which has an immense impact on quicker introduction of a campaign on the market.

For a marketer, this calculates into:



Increase in the efficiency of marketing spending in the range of 40% to 50% through execution of more campaigns. Agile communication, quick approval process, thus quicker production cycle


Effiana is a central repository for all materials related to branding production and acceptance process. Companies can store, manage, use and re-use any marketing assets they have purchased or created. They are independent from any agency and free to choose when an agency leaves them.

Improvements in the content creation process equal to less time spent on production by an agency, which in turn cuts production costs for an agency making it much leaner. As a result, we can carry out more marketing activities within the same budget.

Agile approval process at the confluence of client – agency.  The agency will have full (yet monitored) access to all marketing assets owned by the Client. This comes down to minimizing the number of exchanges and re-work. Thanks to precise feedback and automated notifications, the agency works in an agile and more efficient manner. The approval process is cut to a bare minimum. It’s a win-win situation as this means a greater customer satisfaction for an agency Client.

For a marketer, this calculates into:



Time reduction between 25% to 50%


Effiana allows for 24/7 access to marketing assets, which helps users to download materials online, directly from the platform. Thanks to built-in functionality the same creation can be localized and re-used on many markets simultaneously. If many local agencies have access to the platform, the communication gets populated on no time. It takes one click to disclose them to selected markets including all underlying assets.

For a marketer, this calculates into:



Fewer number of rejected materials

A marketing management system means quantifiable benefits in the form of cost reduction and better marketing budget management. Shockingly enough, the return on technology investment allows for a payback within just 3 months!