Reason 1: Process Automation

Effiana streamlines marketing operations and process all marketing data required to take appropriate decisions on every level of marketing organization.

It takes responsibility for a seamless communication within the Team and between the Client and its Agency. It ensures that all activities carried out are aligned with the set strategy. It arranges, distributes and manages all tasks, data and materials helping mangers to focus on what’s important not what’s urgent.

Reason 2: Time savings


Effiana enhances controls, eliminates administrative waste and expedites decision making process. It saves time and resources for all internal and external employees and stakeholders.

As a consequence, it saves money spent on marketing operations.

The system integrates results and best practice (benchmarks) from other, executed campaigns and delivers the outcome to the next campaign creators when they need that.

It i san indispensable tool when you aim for the best possible decisions and higher efficiency of the entire marketing budget.

Reason 3: Self-financing investment

Effiana is a SaaS agile solution, that is adjusting to an organization of any size. It can be harnessed to support one or all communication channels (ATL, BTL, PR, digital, social).

The pricing model has been designed with an ultimate goal to pay back within 3 months (ROI<= 3M), which is the best result in the industry.

Fully fledged implementation is always preceded with a Proof of Concept, so that a Client can touch and feel the benefits it brings in his/her own organization before embarking a long time contract.

Reason 4: Operational benefits

  • shorter Time-to-Market for all marketing activities.

  • increased productivity: process automation and Focus on strategic goals, not administrative tasks. Waste reduction.

  • better decisions, based on precise data, delivered on time.

  • tight control of campaign results set in real time, juxtaposed with strategic objectives against set budgets.

  • higher marketing budget ROI: more effective use of marketers’ time and budget, which leads to higher sales at the same level of marketing spending.


Reason 5: Financial benefits (inter alia)

  • 10%-15% higher ROMI
  • 15%-20% lower total costs
  • 50% lower operating costs
  • 75% shorter Time-to-market
  • 100% higher satisfaction of your team


Effiana is an agile SaaS platform to manage marketing activities and campaigns. It automates marketing processes and integrates data related to campaigns results, costs, budgets, thus supporting  everyday business decisions of thrifty marketers. The business objective behind Effiana is to enhance productivity of marketing teams and give boost to marketing budgets.

Effiana combines 12 years of experience of marketing agencies, brand managers, Lean Six Sigma consultants, IT teams and Agile methodology. The solution which the work of marketing teams in several countries across the globe.